LED Phototherapy – Level 4

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Principles and Practice of LED Phototherapy – Level 4 Accredited

This programme is in association/partnership with BioPhotas Celluma

We provide certified Laser / IPL, Injectables & Aesthetics training courses:


Our LED Phototherapy course covers:
  • Understand the current legislation for laser and light treatments and the importance of compliance with regulations.
  • Understand the specific aspects of light.
  • Understand the application of light (LED Phototherapy).
  • Understand the non invasive penetration and emission of LED Phototherapy
  • Understand the requirements and importance of the Client Consultation, information and assessment.
  • Understand the importance of pre and post preparation for the delivery of LED Phototherapy.
  • Understand the specific use of LED Phototherapy and treatments.
  • Understand the process of managing side effects, advice, and guidance following LED Phototherapy.


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